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If you've followed me for very long, you'll know that, when it comes to being creative, my first love is photography! In the 40 years I've been taking photos, I've been blessed to work as a newspaper photographer, a commercial photographer, a teacher of photography, a published author and more! 

I've also fortunate to use ALL types of photo gear, from homemade pinhole cameras and my Great-Grandmother's 126 Instamatic to the highest-end 35mm and 4x5 film cameras, Digital SLR's, Mirrorless cameras...and YES, even Smartphones!

What I truly LOVE about photography is how it's the primary choice of creative expression for nearly EVERYONE...especially with the advent of mobile devices! Everyone, it seems, is now a photographer. Some professional photographers have felt threatened by this massive change to the industry. Personally, I LOVE's why...

No other art form lends itself to the ease and ability to create “sellable products” quickly like photography. None! With EVERY click of the shutter or tap of the screen, you are exercising your ability to create. Let that soak in for a moment...
“You are creating a new product with EVERY click of the shutter!”

With photography, you can literally CHOOSE to create a new “product” at ANY time, at ANY location and in ANY genre...and do so in less than a minute or two!

While there are some HUGE advantages to using expensive camera gear and lenses, the reality is that you can capture amazing photos with your Smartphone as well!
All three photos above were shot with my iPhone...

Pause for a moment and think about this with me...seriously...if you own a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a point-and-shoot or even just a smartphone, you have a Product Creation MACHINE at your disposal with nearly limitless possibilities for “product creation.” It's almost like having your very own ATM machine to access at any moment!

Think about takes about ONE SECOND to snap a photo. Yes, there is setup at times, travel to the location, waiting for the perfect light, etc. but to capture that "moment" takes ONLY a second! Now consider this...there are 86,400 seconds in EVERY day! That's a LOT of opportunity!

By now you're likely thinking...
“That sounds great, but WHAT do I take photos of?”
I'm glad you asked...

The truth is that there is a constant demand for all types of photos. Some are more popular than others, of course, but the opportunities are SO massive, there is no way you can exhaust the possibilities! Here are a few examples of photos I've taken and sold through various channels...
As you can see, there are SO many different subjects and styles. What's important is to focus on the subjects you LOVE photographing. There IS no right or wrong!

And that brings us to the NEXT question you may be asking...
“HOW and WHERE do I sell my photos?”
This question is often seen as the BIGGEST challenge to most people, yet the answer is simple. Here it is: 
You sell your photos EVERYWHERE you can!
Seems obvious, right? But if you're not in that space, it might not BE obvious to YOU! And here is the AWESOME news...

I can help you with that! In my brand-new training, the Photo Profit Challenge, I'm going to show you the BEST photo niches to focus on RIGHT NOW and show you the latest cutting-edge sales opportunities that you can use to YOUR advantage (and profit) right now!
Introducing the...
“Photo Profit Challenge”
In the “Photo Profit Challenge” we are going to uncover the BEST ways you can profit using your camera right 2017. What types of photos are in-demand TODAY? Where can I sell the photos I take? THESE are the questions I'll be answering in the Challenge!

In this brand-new, LIVE training series you will discover:
  • Module One:
  • Mini Sessions and Why They May Be the Perfect Opportunity
  • Product Photography for the Masses
  • Module Two:
  • Excursions, Photo Tours and Teaching
  • Travel Guides: Revealing Special Photo Locations
  • Module Three:
  • Joining the Nightclub Photography Party
  • Sky-High Profits From Drone Photography 
  • Module Four:
  • Selling Prints at Boutiques and Restaurants
  • Partnering With Home Decor Companies
  • Module Five:
  • The NEW Stock Marketplace and How to Dive In
  • Cashing in With Your Smartphone Photos
  • Module Six:
  • Online Selling With a Spin
  • How to Become an On-Demand “Pro” Photographer
  • Photo Contests Secrets
You deserve to know the secrets and insights to profiting from the ONE thing you likely do EVERY day...take pictures! And that's exactly what we will be covering in this training!
I decided to make this a CHALLENGE because I know that, if you run with what you'll learn during this training series, you WILL have success! Rather than cover all the training in just a day or two, I decided to make this a weekly training to give you PLENTY of time to take action on what we cover each week. Yes, that means taking PHOTO'S! How fun!
  • Bonus One: PhotoPro Tutorials - Better Photos with Adobe Lightroom
In this in-depth training, we cover the importance of starting off with a good Photograph. From there we dive into understanding what you have to work with in your photos and how to use it to your advantage. I share the importance of understanding how Highlight, Midtone and Shadow work, and how to use them effectively to create amazing photos. 

And lastly, we cover options you have when the photo you took didn't turn out the way you had hoped! There are so many amazing options available with plugins that there are ALWAYS ways to enhance your photos. And, as always, much more! 
  • Bonus Two: PhotoPro Tutorials - iPhoneography
Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you'll find this training useful to take your smartphone photos to the next level! We cover the important connection between social media and photography and important composition guidelines. Want to take photos with your phone underwater? I tell you how I do it with great results!

We also discuss how to get the best results with smartphone technology as well as the best Must-Have apps for your smartphone photography. We also look at the best ways to edit your photos, the best photo-related info apps and how you can take your smartphone photography to the next level!
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Gaining access to 40 years of practical, hands-on photography and sales expertise makes this training EASILY valued at $297 or higher. And just a few sales of the many photos you have (or will take) makes getting your investment back quickly an easy no-brainer. But, for a limited, introductory period of time, I want to make it as EASY as possible for you to join us for this brand-new “Photo Profit Challenge” training.

For a Limited Time, you can gain access to the LIVE-TAUGHT training as well as your two bonuses for a special discounted rate of just $147! That's a real-world savings of $150 off! I can't promise how long this introductory pricing will be available, but likely for the next few days ONLY...because I want to work with those who are ready to take action!
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“Photo Profit Challenge” 
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